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Neuroscience to Enhance Leadership Development

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Understanding how the mind works can help us explain why some leadership styles are more effective than others. In the area of talent development as well as more broad business functions where there are teams and reporting structures, neuroscience can help bring to light questions such as why certain feedback, incentives, or threats motivate some people and discourage others.

Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance brings the latest research on neuroscience, considering implications for learning on both the individual and organizational levels particularly relevant for talent development officers and those who are charged with attracting and retaining top talent.

This three-day program focuses on neuroleadership: the application of discoveries in neuroscience on leadership development and management training. Questions about creating a culture of learning within your organization will be addressed, with specific relevance to talent and development. The research-backed approach of this program is designed to help participants understand and improve the way we think about, process, and execute leadership styles.

Program participants examine how the program learnings can help improve organizational performance — with immediate application for your own role. In the Individual Case Project, participants bring an organizational objective to the program and, with the help of coaches and peers, develop an action plan on for their return.

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Para realizar este curso debes tener uno de estos niveles de estudios: Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters , Doctoral Degree (PhD)

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Sophie Egholm
Lo mejor: The structure of the program and the quality of the teachers was excellent and provided for a very strong learning experience. I had many insights and walked away with a real impactful and practical learnings and plans to grow in my career.
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Curso realizado: Diciembre 2017
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Ashwini Mehra
Lo mejor: A top class.
A mejorar: Nothing
Curso realizado: Noviembre 2017
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Individual Performance
leadership development
Managing Risk

Programa académico

Program Structure

The program includes faculty from across the University at large, including the Business School, the Department of Psychology, the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, and the Motivation Science Center, allowing participants to benefit from multi-faceted view points from experts across fields.

The Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance program focuses on the following three key ideas:

  • Stress Mind and Risk Taking: Highlight strategies to manage stress and better understand how stress mindset influences creativity, risk taking, and impulsivity.
  • Collective Intelligence: How can we build collective intelligence for improved team and organizational performance?
  • Three key aspects within the quotients of EQ, SQ, and CQ: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), Creative Intelligence (CQ)

  • Emotional Health (EQ): How do cognition and emotions influence each other?
  • Intrapersonal Impact (SQ): How do we regulate emotions that impact other people? How can we use the capacity of self-control to regulate the emotions of others in order to work well together?
  • Fostering Organizational Learning Culture (CQ): What frameworks are available to effectively guide the work of Talent & Development at multiple organizational levels?

You will also explore:

Leveraging Neuroscience in the field of Talent and Development: What do we need to know and prepare for the future of talent and development?Motivation or Unconscious Mind: How our unconscious mind influences our hiring and business decisions? How can we better manage our unconscious bias?Growth Mindset: How can we develop talent to successfully lead change? How can we foster growth mindset for ourselves and for our organizations?

Additional features include:

  • Group coaching sessions facilitated by Columbia Business School faculty to discover learning transfer opportunities to organizations. Questions such as "What is a major strategic imperative in your organization?" and "In what way(s) can you leverage neuroscience in support of this strategic imperative?," “How can you plan to implement these ideas in your organization?” will be addressed.