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    Julio 2021

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Emagister adds to its virtual offer of highly interactive courses, schedule flexibility and platform availability, the Summer Course in Beachwear Design course, given by IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.

The Summer Course in Beachwear Design and Pattern Making has been conceived to prepare professionals in designing and structuring a swimwear collection as well as introducing them to the patterning method. Through lectures, practical sessions and visits, the student will understand the swimwear market and its competitors, the management and distribution of the retailers and brands, and also how to structure a collection plan and the swimwear design and pattern method.

In parallel, the students will undertake a project for a collection and make a prototype beachwear item. Work will be done on modelling, pattern-making, printing and making the prototype.

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Precisiones importantes


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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?:
– Understanding the market and the different channels within the collection structure retailers, hypermarket, brands and designer brands.
– Enabling future professionals to structure their own collection plan according to the target they want to reach and the distribution channel they want to sell through.
– Acquiring a thorough knowledge and real-life command of the different printing techniques. The goal is make a personal print at the IED printing centre.
– Learning how to present and specify their own creations following the different procedures designers use to send their designs to production, with technical specifications and measurement charts of the finished garment.
– Studying the methods of swimwear sewing, construction techniques and pattern making.
– Providing an introduction to the prototype fitting session and testing, in order to be able to contribute comments and correction for subsequent iterations.
– Each student produces a personal “dossier” with a collection plan, print development and patterns, including a photo shoot of the samples.
– To sum up, the main objective is to train and professionalize fashion designers in the specific field of swimwear design so they can develop a collection.

¿Esta formación es para mí?:
This is an advanced course for Students with experience in design (ready to wear, Lingerie…etc) or people working in other areas of the fashion industry with a keen interest in the beachwear sector.

Students must have a good command, if possible, of drawing programs like Illustrator in order to produce their own collection.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?:
The center will contact you once you send your information through the form.

Requisitos: The application for all IED Barcelona courses is made directly with the Orientation and Admissions Department Advisors or through an online Admissions Platform. Your Advisor will give you the credentials to access the platform once you want to start the Admission Process.

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  • Confección
  • Corte y confección
  • Colecciones de moda
  • Diseño
  • Moda
  • Diseño de Moda
  • Corte
  • Ropa de baño
  • Dressmaking
  • Pattern
  • Pattern making
  • Structuring a swimwear
  • Collection as well as introducing
  • The patterning method
  • Through lectures
  • Practical sessions
  • Visits
  • The student will understand
  • The management and distribution
  • The management and distribution

Programa académico

Classes are divided in different areas to achieve a good understanding of the beachwear market and collection plan structure, design, pattern making and sewing techniques.

Beachwear market and collection plan

In the first stage and through several store visits, students will get a good grasp of:

  • different collection plan structures and depth of a collection structure depending the retail channel.
  • retail price range we find in the market from low cost concept to luxury brand.
  • different patterns, cups and sizes that the market offers.
  • colour palette we usually find in a beachwear collection and the essential colours you must have.

After this field study, students have acquired a timely and accurate knowledge of this market, enabling them to build a suitable retail concept leading to their own collection plan for a capsule collection of beachwear.

Fabric, fibres, printing techniques and components

This second stage will provide students with a thorough knowledge of the fibres, fabric composition, fabric stretchability, lining and, of course, all the different printing techniques used in the beachwear industry. It enables them to accurately identify a target consumer that matches their collection plan, while also taking into account other details like price point, timing …etc.

Students produce their own print at the IED printing centre, using techniques that are taught in this stage. Furthermore, students learn about the main components necessary in this industry: cup, mould, foam, wire, underwire…etc

Concept, design and drawing of the capsule collection

During this third stage students share with a professional beachwear designer the most important steps in the development of a beachwear or swimwear collection.

Each student designs one item based on a previously defined suitable retail concept (every way of designing this collection can be included: collage, digital tools, manual drawing ….) and must include fabric and trim swatches. Students produce one technical specification sheet in order to be able, in the next stage, to create their own pattern.

Pattern design and dressmaking

This stage involves learning pattern-making skills needed to produce swimwear clothes and working with the pattern of an existing bra to get the perfect fit.

Students deal with basic patterns focusing on the different type of bras (with cup, wire, foam, etc), but also functional swimsuit, shaped swimsuits and brief.

They also learn how to manage the elasticity of the fabric depending on the pattern you they to achieve, with a particular focus on lining, as it is an important component for functional beachwear.

During this part students create a pattern of their own design and learn to extract patterns from existing beachwear garment or drawings or pictures.

Confection sewing sample – fitting correction & improvements

How to use the industrial sewing equipment found in swimwear production.

During this stage, students sew the pattern they created in the previous stage.

Fitting session: test the sample on real people and decide on, assisted by the group and teacher, the improvements and pattern changes required.

Book + Photo Shooting

To produce the final “dossier” they have been building over these 4 weeks and in order to express and capture all the steps of the process, students have the opportunity to do a photo shoot with a model and with their chosen photo styling (including still lives or others resources)

The last day of class there is the final presentation and review of the portfolio with all the teachers.

Summer Course in Beachwear Design

$ 77,598

*Precio estimado

Importe original en EUR:

3,100 €