Texas A&M University at Qatar enters its 14th year here in Education City. The centre continues to experience vibrant growth and development, bringing Texas A&M University's 140 years of engineering excellence to help educate the next generation of engineering leaders necessary to drive the State of Qatar toward its goal of being a knowledge-based economy.

The vision of the university is to be the premier provider of engineering education in the region, a significant contributor to knowledge internationally and an essential resource to the State of Qatar.

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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Chemical Engineering

Temesgen Kebede
Sobre el curso: I am chemical engineering is a nice and intersting filed,and it required in every section of production industry's,quality control and environment protection.
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2019
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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Chemical Engineering

James Feltz
Lo mejor: Excellent experience!
A mejorar: nothing to improve
Curso realizado: Mayo 2018
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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Chemical Engineering

Muaz Salem
Lo mejor: The Office of Graduate Studies was an invaluable resource at every stage of my master’s degree. Exceedingly responsive and helpful at the application stage, they made applying to the program eminently accessible for someone unacquainted with the procedure of graduate school admissions. During the course of my degree, their clear communication of degree and assistantship requirements (as well as important deadlines!) allowed me to make seamless, daily transitions between my roles as both a student and employee.
A mejorar: Nothing to Improve
Curso realizado: Abril 2017
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Texas A&M University at Qatar abril 2017
Muaz joined the Master of Science program immediately after completing his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M at Qatar. Specializing in applied thermodynamics, Muaz says that obtaining his master’s degree was challenging, yet fulfilling, and considers his research project the highlight of his academic career. His specific project involved the development of a thermodynamic Equation of State to describe the properties of aqueous electrolytes. Of course, research activities are never conducted in a vacuum, and the biggest game-changer at Texas A&M at Qatar is the unique opportunity for effective collaboration. Students often work independently, yet also on a team. In many cases, students interact with researchers at collaborating institutions or with industry partners. For example, Muaz’s thesis derived from a funded project in collaboration with Imperial College London. He had the opportunity for meaningful correspondence with a graduate student at Imperial College with whom he was able to validate some intermediate results. At Texas A&M at Qatar, daily interaction with skilled researchers from various backgrounds can expand your perception of what can and should be accomplished in chemical engineering research.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemical Engineering

Riad Hassiba
Lo mejor: Obtaining my undergraduate and master’s degrees from Texas A&M University at Qatar was just the start of my Aggie years! I have built a career that I am proud of and relationships that will last forever!
A mejorar: Nothing to improve
Curso realizado: Enero 2016
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Texas A&M University at Qatar enero 2016
Raid received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Texas A&M at Qatar in 2010, graduating with honors. In 2014, Raid started working at the university as a technical laboratory coordinator while simultaneously pursuing a master’s degree in chemical engineering, which he completed in 2016. Embracing the core values of excellence, leadership and selfless service, Raid was president of the chemical engineering honor society, Omega Chi Epsilon Gamma Delta chapter (OXE). He also presented the results of his thesis in a poster session at a 2016 conference in Prague and has published two papers related to his thesis. He also won the 2017 ORYX GTL Post Graduate Student Award for his master’s research

Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemical Engineering

Shaik Afzal
Lo mejor: Good teaching and good experimental capabilities for work.
A mejorar: N/A
Curso realizado: Agosto 2012
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Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemical Engineering

Omar Al-Ani
Lo mejor: Great courses. Instructors were great and were very knowledgeable. There is a great focus from the instructors on performing research and trying to publish. If you would like to see what academia looks like in a tight-knit community, I would recommend you to complete the MS in Chemical Engineering from TAMUQ.
A mejorar: None.
Curso realizado: Agosto 2012
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