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Time Management

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Good Time Management will improve and enhance the time spent in the workplace and can even go a long way to improving the quality of the work you produce. For most people however this is easier said than done. We’ve all experienced that feeling of having more work to do than we can possibly complete in the time we have.

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Time, management, stress, workplace, 6 Laws, stealers, Interruptions, efficiency, productivity

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Management Information Systems
Time management
Manage time stealers
Management of back pain
Management of Violence
Management of violence & aggression
Monkey Management
Management of violence & aggression
Management of violence & aggression

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Course: Key Terms and the Benefits of Time Management, The 6 Laws of Time Management, Time Stealers and Interruptions, Time Saving Methods, Monkey Management,Meetings and Summing up.

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This can lead to increased stress, dissatisfaction and demoralisation. This course can help, by introducing you to some of the theories and techniques of time management that can really make a difference.

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This course will provide delegates with knowledge and tools to take control and manage time.