Crystal Reports 9.0 Level 2

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Objetivo del curso: In this course, student learn how to create more sophisticated reports like subreports and cross-tabs, students also learn how to increase the speed and efficiency of your reports by using SQL queries.


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Blvd Agua Caliente, 10470-3b, 22420, Baja California, México
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Blvd Agua Caliente, 10470-3b, 22420, Baja California, México
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Programa académico

Creating Running Totals

  • Create a Running Total Field

  • Modify a Running Total Field

  • Create a Manual Running Total on Detail Data

  • Create a Manual Running Total on Summary Data

Building Cross-tabs in Your Report

  • Create a Cross-tab

  • Create a Specified Group Order

  • Filter Cross-tab by Group

  • Change the Cross-tab Format

  • Format Rows and Columns

  • Keep Groups Together

Adding Subreports

  • Insert a Subreport

  • Link a Subreport to Data in a Primary Report

  • Edit a Subreport

  • Format a Subreport Object

  • Share Formulas Between Main and Subreports

  • Create an On-demand Subreport

Improving Report Processing Speed

  • Create a SQL Expression

  • Select Records on the Server

  • Write a SQL Query

  • Edit a SQL Query

  • Build a Report on a SQL Query

  • Create SQL Commands in the Crystal Report Environment

Building Dictionaries

  • Create a Dictionary

  • Organize the View of Data in a Dictionary

  • Adding Graphics to the Dictionary

  • Build a Report Based on a Dictionary

Charting Data

  • Create a Chart

  • Modify a Chart

  • Create a Top N Chart

  • Format a Chart

  • Create a Chart Template

Reporting on Excel Data

  • Create a Report

  • Modify a Report

  • Update the Report