Icelt (International Certificate In English Language Teaching)

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Objetivo del curso: Se trata de un curso de formación de profesores de inglés.

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  • El curso parace muy interesante al igual que sus contenidos

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Lo mejor: El curso parace muy interesante al igual que sus contenidos
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Programa académico

ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching), awarded by the University of Cambridge, provides in-service training for qualified teachers who have some experience of teaching English. It has come in to replace the current COTE

The ICELT course programme is designed to enable you to:

· extend your knowledge and awareness of those aspects of language which are relevant to your professional practice

· extend your understanding of the context in which your learners are learning English, and of the principles underlying language learning and teaching.

· extend your familiarity with resources and materials for English Language teaching and develop your ability to use, evaluate and, where appropriate, adapt or create classroom materials.

· consolidate and refine your planning and your practical classroom skills

· identify learner needs, monitor and evaluate learner progress and develop awareness of different means of assessment

· identify needs and opportunities to further your development as a professional

· extend your knowledge and understanding of language required for your professional role, and improve your ability to use English both generally and for classroom purposes.

The course includes:

· 150 contact hours between candidates and course tutors including input, tutorial support and feedback

· Four language tasks which focus on developing the teacher’s language skills in the classroom context (750-1,000 words in length)

· Four classroom-related assignments (1,000 – 1,500 words in length)

· Four lessons supervised and assessed by a course tutor

· Directed observation of eight lessons, two of which may be videoed lessons. These observations may be of peers and / or other experienced teachers. Observations will be related to your working context.

· Between 150 and 300 additional hours for reading, research, lesson and assignment preparation.

WHAT ARE THE COURSE REQUIREMENTS ? Applicants for the course should

· be at least 18 years of age on entry to the course.

· be practising teachers who will have had a total of at least 500 hours of relevant experience by the end of the course.

· have some initial teacher training or basic knowledge of teaching and learning

· have a competence in written and spoken English which is sufficient for them to participate effectively in the course and to meet the assessment requirements (Council of Europe level B2 - A in FCE, or equivalent, and above)


The course is 150 contact hours long, held on a part-time basis (5 – 6 hours a week) and run over a period of approximately 7 months.


The syllabus includes coverage of seven units:

· Language Knowledge and Awareness

· The Background to Teaching and Learning English

· Resources and Materials

· Planning and Management of Teaching and Learning

· Evaluation, Monitoring and Assessment

· Professional Development

· Language for Teachers


Assessment is continuous (assessment takes place throughout the course) and integrated (each assessed component contributes to the overall grade and any one assessed component can cover a number of objectives from different syllabus units)


COMPONENT ONE - LANGUAGE FOR TEACHERS: You will be required to complete four language tasks of between 750 and 1,000 words in length

COMPONENT TWO - TEACHING: You will be required to plan, teach and evaluate four lessons which are assessed by a tutor. Each lesson should have a different language / skills focus.

COMPONENT THREE - METHODOLOGY: You will be required to write four classroom-related assignments of between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length

DIRECTED OBSERVATIONS: 8 observation tasks relating to eight observed lessons

There is NO final examination.


This is the biggest concern of anyone considering ICELT, and the first comment made by most people wanting to join the course. The assignments are spread out over the course, but given the number of assessments, the workload is very intense, particularly as input is on-going, and you will be teaching as well. To benefit from the course (and survive!) you need to prepare quite seriously, and to have no (or as few as possible) external distractions during the course. We give guidelines for course preparation, and ongoing support while the course is underway; still, I can’t emphasise enough how vital it is that you take the course seriously and come to it fully prepared to meet its demands. We want you to get every benefit from the course and to succeed, and we feel it is a sound framework for further development of experienced EFL teachers


Contact us direct for application forms and detailed information including interview and selection procedures. The final decision for acceptance onto a course is made by InHouse.

Cambridge ESOL approves courses but does not run them. All centres offering courses leading to the Cambridge ICELT have had their course programme, staffing and facilities approved by Cambridge ESOL.

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¿Necesitas un coach de formación?

Te ayudará a comparar y elegir el mejor curso para ti y a financiarlo en cómodas cuotas mensuales.

Icelt (International Certificate In English Language Teaching)

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